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Wade’s 6,000th on Birmingham


Wade Kwon

The other day, a friend asked how many blog posts I’ve written. I did some quick math in my head: It’s probably around 8,000.

Here on the mothership, today marks the official 6,000th post for Wade on Birmingham. Many friends and contributors helped get this blog to this most recent milestone.

By the numbers …

  • It took 561 days to reach 1,000 posts.
  • Another 722 days to reach 2,000 posts.
  • Another 594 days to reach 3,000 posts.
  • Another 880 days to reach 4,000 posts.
  • Another 802 days to reach 5,000 posts.
  • And then another 733 days (or 2 years and 2 days) to reach this 6,000th post.

A quick rundown of the state of the blogs …

Wade on Birmingham — I’ve spent most of my time compiling the Birmingham channel weekly showcase, with videos all about our fair city.

Wade Kwon.com — I revealed my newest foe, depression, in a March post. (And I’m due to write an update.)

Birmingham Blogging Academy — Closing in on post No. 500 in August. Better get to writing that one …

Y’all Connect — Will likely get to post No. 300 before the year’s over. But first, I need to get ready for our August conference.

Dear readers, thanks for your continued support over these past 12 years. I am grateful.

Wade Kwon is a Birmingham native and publisher of Wade on Birmingham.

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