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Heads and tales: Hoover’s finest


Rush PropstGo Packers: He made Hoover High into repeat state champions, and “Two-a-Days” made him into a reality star. But then football coach Rush Propst lost his job as rules violations and a second family came to light. Nowadays, he’s down in Georgia’s Colquitt County trying to rebuild its once successful program. Plus, he’s doing it for a paltry $95,000 (in a one-year contract) instead of the $100,600 he was making in Hoover.

His wife and two of his children remain in Hoover, while his oldest son will join him on the team. (As in his current family, not his out-of-wedlock family.)

How serious is his new school about football? It has spent or committed $2.9 million toward stadium renovations and a new field house. And for those fans who miss seeing him talk pigskin, check out the interview by a student at his new school.
• Propst on different turf but goal remains same [The Birmingham News]

Soul control: The other reality sensation to come from Hoover High, one Taylor Hicks, has signed with a new label. The American Idol/Broadway singer has landed at Vanguard Records and plans to release his next disc in August under his own brand, Modern Whomp Records.
•Hicks finds niche [New York Post]

On patrol: How’s new Birmingham police chief A.C. Roper doing so far? Seven months in, the former Hoover assistant chief will hold a second Community Crime Fighting Forum at 6 tonight at the South Precinct [map]. Roper will listen to citizens’ concerns and outline his plan to fight crime. Meanwhile, 2008 has seen 34 homicides, about even with last year’s 33 homicides through June 23. Visit our Crime Watch page for continuing coverage.
• Birmingham Police Chief Roper to hold second crime forum for neighborhoods [The Birmingham News]


  • Birmingham applies to host 2020 Olympics’ viewing party
  • SUV drivers flock to farmers’ market for organic produce
  • City leaders adopt four-day workweek, doubling time on job

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