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Sidewalk 2009: Get your ass to Mars


‘Interplanetary’ making North American debut Sunday



Ten reasons to see “Interplanetary” at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival on Sunday …

Wade on Birmingham - Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival10. “‘Interplanetary’ is what all B-movies should want to be: audacious, intelligent and start-to-finish entertaining, a slice of genius standing in bold defiance of the budget.” So says reviewer David Cornelius of efilmcritic.com.

9. Someone you know is probably in it. The credited cast:

Cary Borders, Alison Britt, David Brown, James H. Brown, Melissa Bush, Damon Carter, Nick Crawford, Willie DeVold, Jacquese Evans, David Forbes, Mia Frost, Jen Graham, Sanford Hardy, Chris Hartsell, Chuck Hartsell, Joshua Hester, Kyle Holman, Tim Houchens, Erik Jambor, Sylvester Little Jr., Lisa Mason, Eric McGinty, Kyle McKinnon, Gabrielle Metz, Amanda Myers, Jonathan Norris, Shelley Phelps, Rod Robinson, Scott Ross, William Michael Schuelly, Michael Shelton, Shane Traffanstedt, Taylor Traffanstedt and Kevin S. Van Hyning.

Mostly Birmingham actors, plus the obligatory Wade cameo …


[Full disclosure: Crewless Productions, maker of “Interplanetary,” is my client.]

8. It’s about a base on Mars under attack from a mysterious slasher. But what will kill our beloved office drones first: serial killer or paperwork? Director Chance Shirley (“Hide and Creep”) will help sort it out on Fox 6’s noon news Tuesday, so tune your Earth-based receivers to that station.

7. “Interplanetary” won the Audience Choice award at the WT International Film Festival in Norway. Norway! If there’s one thing the Norwegians know, it’s cinema, specifically sci-fi-horror-comedy.

6. Director Andrew Bellware calls it “beyond brilliant. … Yeah, it was like a religious experience. Yeah.”

5. Someone you know probably worked on it. The credited crew:

Steve Ashlee, Peyton Fanning, Sam Frazier Jr., Sanford Hardy, Chuck Hartsell, Chris Hilleke, Kyle Holman, Alex Justinger, Kenn McCracken, Eric McGinty, Jim Roberson, Carl Ross, Stacey Sessions, Linda Shirley, George Smyly, Arik Sokol, Ted Speaker, Jonathan Thornton, Ramona Thornton, Shane Traffanstedt, Joseph Walker and John White.

4. This snazzy trailer …

Look at that trailer again. Can you believe this movie was shot in Birmingham? That’s right, Birmingham. (Well, OK, except the desert part. That was shot on Mars.)

3. It wants you as a Facebook fan. Just you. (And be sure to RSVP for Sunday’s screening on Facebook and Sidewalk.)

2. It also has a blog, Everybody on Mars Is Dead, a great detailed look by Chance at the making of “Interplanetary” over the last 2 years.


1. “The movie has the right blend of sex, blood, greed and aliens to make for a classic. Watch out for this one.” So says Melanie Addington of Oxford Film Freak.

“Interplanetary” will screen at 4:15 p.m. Sunday at the Carver Theatre.


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