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Krista on ‘Survivor: Redemption Island’: The smoked monster


‘Survivor: Redemption Island,’ episode 5 preview


Video: Preview of tonight’s episode.

One villain down, one to go.

Survivor: Redemption IslandRussell Hantz went down fighting in his duel, but still ended up in second-to-last place overall. Next!

Meanwhile, his allies Stephanie Valencia and Fairhope native Krista Klumpp are on still their own in a hostile Zapatera tribe. Will either make it very far into “Survivor: Redemption Island”?

Over at Ometepe, “Boston Rob” Mariano may have his hands full with screwball Phillip Sheppard. Can the tribal king handle the court jester?

Check out the action tonight, and look for the recap here.

Video: Back on Day 7, Russell Hantz and his allies
Stephanie Valencia and Krista Klumpp raided the rice
while the rest of Zapatera was away in this unaired scene.

Episode 4 recaps:

  • Wade on Birmingham
  • Jeff Probst: “Russell will go down in history as one of the most notorious contestants of all time. Maybe THE most notorious.”

“Survivor: Redemption Island” airs at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on CBS 42. Look for the full recap tonight following the show.

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