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Weight and See: The Bob squad


‘The Biggest Loser: Couples’ recap, episode 5

By Ginny

It’s every man/woman for him/herself on “The Biggest Loser.”

Plus, the Bama Slammers — Roger Shultz of Enterprise and Trent Patterson — swap gray shirts for blue. Can Appomattox be far behind?

An uncivil war, after the jump …

Split happens: Our couples divorce, at least, for weigh-ins. Individual competition also means more one-on-one time with cameras and trainers, for example, Jillian’s counseling session with Brittany (blue/strangers).

Brittany divulges the childhood heartbreak and abuse that led to her weight gain. This exemplifies a common pattern in overweight adults: abuse or neglect at a very young age, leading to one of the few vices available to children, overeating.

The ol’ switcheroo: Instead of the contestants, Bob and Jillian race up and down mall escalators in the challenge. Winner gets to pick his team.

Bob crushes Jillian (and blames her performance on her smoking, though it’s hard to decipher the audio).

Despite his public stance against the show’s focus on game play, Bob chooses the strongest pairs — black, orange and gray — for his new blue team. The remaining players don black shirts for Jillian, who is crushed to lose her guys.

Blue team

Black team

Mike and Jay
Brittany and Bernie
Roger and Trent
Football players
Jenn and Maggie
Fat camp counselors
Jackie and Dan
Mother and son
Kelly and Paul
Divorced couple

The Biggest Loser

Nobody makes Jillian cry. [shakes fist]

The new black and blue teams compete in their own escalator challenge. Like seasons past, this one’s for cash. Despite Brittany’s best efforts as the last black shirt, the blue team takes it.

The Biggest Loser

Roger says there can be no ‘slacky-slacky’ in this challenge.
Also, ‘me workout long time.’

Soda jerks: The temptation reward allows the winner to bench an opposing team’s player at the weigh-in. All she has to do is find a marked cup among what looks like a billion glasses of soda in various flavors.

The glasses without marks instead have numbers indicating the calories just consumed. No one competes, mainly because the math is too daunting.

The Biggest Loser

‘OK, let’s lose at least 9 pounds each, then bust out a fist pump.’

The weigh-in: The black team is virtually doomed, especially since the former orange team loaded up on water so heavily last week, while the former yellow team posted an extra big loss to save themselves from all the other teams.

Trent loses 9 pounds, and Bob calls him “the one to watch.” Roger posts his own 10-pound loss, beating his own goal for the week by 2 pounds.

Overall, the blue team posts a 3 percent loss to black’s 1.22 percent.

Jenn is eliminated, splitting up the original purple team. Meh.

The purple girls are too young for this show. It takes years of wisdom and experience (not just the desire to fit in skinnier jeans) to even be ready to give up your biggest crutch. Do you agree, or is it easier to nip bad habits early on?

“The Biggest Loser: Couples” airs at 7 p.m. Tuesdays on NBC 13.

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