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Weight and See: Yes We Can


‘The Biggest Loser: Couples’ recap, episode 6

By Ginny

On “The Biggest Loser,” the black team gains historic momentum. Can Roger Shultz of Enterprise and Trent Patterson pull out a Super Duper Tuesday defeat?

The best reality TV team ever, plus your chance to audition for season six, after the jump …

Stumped speeches: Members of the black team recall their trouncing at last night’s weigh-in, resigning themselves to future losses (of weigh-ins, not weight). You know, it wasn’t that long ago that a having a viable black team in the running was just a dream.

To rally, I suggest a grass-roots campaigning effort. Instead, Jillian tweaks their diets. OK, that makes more sense.

Vote with your sweet: The temptation involves a chocolate challenge in voting booths. The winner, whoever eats the most Rolo candies in five minutes, can swap blue and black teammates.

Mark (blue), pictured at right, takes off like a shot, confiding in voiceover that he wanted to keep the teams the same. Maybe that’s true, but after his 952-calorie sugar binge in the first temptation, I think dude just likes candy. Bernie (black) doesn’t eat any, but … well …

The Biggest Loser

Yeah …

Mark inhales 1,118 calories in the time limit, keeping the teams the same, although he does demote his campaign manager. (In an unrelated segment, he also takes off for the hospital after experiencing a leg injury.)

In the meantime, fellow blue member Dan is collecting his reward for being last week’s biggest loser. The prize: a visit from his brother, who gives both Dan and mom Jackie a boost, reminding them that Jesse Jackson took South Carolina in ’84 and ’88.

A challenge in every pot: At the challenge, teams shop for ingredients and prepare a healthy meal for superdelegate Rocco DiSpirito, a la “Top Chef” affair (go corporate synergy). The winning team receives a meal from Rocco and videos from home.

The Biggest Loser

In uniform

The Bama Slammers take on dessert, while Trent tells us that they’re going to dispel the myth that football players can’t cook. Right. If football players could cook, they wouldn’t have rally girls.

The Biggest Loser

The blue team argues that black offers
only garnishes, not solutions.

Rocco likes both meals but ultimately casts his ballot for the black team. Can they keep this momentum?

The Biggest Loser

The weigh-in: Apparently, yes they can, delivering a spectacular upset at the weigh-in, despite Roger and Trent’s combined loss of 17 pounds. Black handily beats blue, sending our guys’ team to the elimination room, where they vote out Jackie.

Paul and Kelly had a dramatic moment this week watching Kelly’s video from her amorous boyfriend. Do you think they have a chance as a couple? How about me and Jillian, then?

“The Biggest Loser: Couples” airs at 7 p.m. Tuesdays on NBC 13.

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