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Wade’s 101: Haiku retrospective 38


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  1. resolution no. 329
    To reserve judgment
    on fellow human beings.
    (Pre-judgment OK.)
  2. after the first workweek
    Let’s have a beer or
    two to celebrate the first
    of many long grinds.
  3. they get it from us
    Tantrums rarely suit
    adults, who seem to throw them
    more often than kids.
  4. a storm’s a comin’
    A rumble on the
    distant horizon, flashes
    in the darkened sky.
  5. states of consciousness
    Are we grateful for
    mindfulness? Are we mindful
    of our gratitude?
  6. deepest freeze
    No escape from the
    winter’s chill, the sharp, stabbing
    gusts of icy wind.
  7. fantasy kitchen
    A scaly dragon
    for an oven, a porpoise
    for a dishwasher.
  8. words for next to nothing
    Cheap phrases power
    an info-society
    to barely knowing.
  9. men in trees
    Limb by limb, the old
    oak came apart, guided by
    upright apes with saws.
  10. the tumor
    A cell. Then many
    more. A betrayal of the
    sneakiest order.
  11. the treatment
    Poisons as potions.
    Noxious liquids and hidden
    death rays here to help.
  12. the aftermath
    A missing breast. A
    partial lung. And a guarded
    outlook. Or the end.
  13. the mayor-council act of 1955
    The fiefdom felt no
    pressure to change, no voters
    to keep satisfied.
  14. peak radio
    Stations from coast to
    coast. Streaming services with
    indentured artists.
  15. a mass of cells
    Divide and conquer,
    you tiny cell. Become a
    gift unto the world.
  16. an estimate of reality
    The doctor will see
    you shortly. A service charge
    will be included.
  17. the invisible locomotive
    Belligerent gales
    batter trees, topple people
    and roar through the night.
  18. the reverse muse
    People who don’t write
    spew forth word salad brought on
    by semi-formed thoughts.
  19. by the morsel
    Dishes of dim sum
    glided past with promises
    of bliss in each bite.
  20. super friendly warm-hearted neighborhood
    Greeted at the store,
    in the pews, at the diner,
    at the shooting range.
  21. sugar sugar
    The sweet stuff hangs out
    everywhere we shop, ready
    to give a brief high.
  22. the long way round
    The journey of a
    thousand miles begins with a
    question to our peers.
  23. scenes from an exhibition
    Canvases show a
    vision of warped emotions
    in oily relief.
  24. eat the baby
    Trinket hidden in
    ring cake promises either
    wealth or choking death.
  25. unsettled sleep
    A calm night that is
    punctuated by fits of
    chest-shaking spasms.
  26. victory party at the coffeehouse
    Instead of pizza,
    take the team to celebrate
    with lattes and scones.
  27. off to the races
    Many horses cross
    the starting line, but 9 months
    till one staggers home.
  28. in like a line of squalls
    It was a time of
    great flooding, of violent storms
    and unceasing gales.
  29. who will be the next internet gertrude stein?
    In search of the bright
    Tumblr that inspires, the
    blog that blares bon mots.
  30. x’s and y’s
    The sport of math needs
    players on an infinite
    field of equations.
  31. a souvenir of less-vigorous times
    The cold came and went,
    but the cough persists in the
    dry nook of the throat.
  32. will write for clicks
    Writers plentiful
    in age of cyberpundits
    and snap reviewers.
  33. the knot to be tied
    It starts with a ring
    and a question. And maybe
    a few happy tears.
  34. winding down to anxiety
    The next day is filled
    with worries put off by a
    long night without sleep.
  35. two colds in winter
    Leaky eyes, leaky
    nostrils, a betrayal of
    the failing body.
  36. a momentary lapse of clarity
    The meditation
    at the desk always leads to
    enormous regret.
  37. the sandwich generation
    A husband and two
    aging parents and a job
    and crises du jour.
  38. the law of the land
    Fairness: outdated.
    Kindness: overrated. Par-
    tisanship: always.
  39. a love between two mammals
    One offers kind words.
    The other offers nice meals.
    They live and they love.
  40. our brand is pathos
    Pasted-on smiles keep
    uncomfortable questions
    at a safe distance.
  41. watching on st. charles
    Along the route the
    beads fly in graceful arcs to
    throngs of waving kids.
  42. lil green peddlers
    Girls scout for prime spots
    to foist boxes of cookies
    on famished masses.
  43. when everyone in accounting has the crud
    Empty desks mark the
    hours and hours in lost
  44. the robotic narrator
    She reads breaking news
    and digital books with no
    hint of emotion.
  45. the pancake man
    He spins golden discs
    of morning shine to delight
    breakfast partisans.
  46. lazy people don’t panic
    Lazy people don’t
    panic. Let industrious
    folk shoulder the blame.
  47. everything is weakness
    Showing weakness. Tears.
    Brave face. Admitting something.
    Disease. Family.
  48. virtual realities
    We take baby steps
    into this frontier of strange
    actors and warped views.
  49. the pit
    Wet branches and smoke
    bathe the skinned pig for hours
    below, low and slow.
  50. bumps in the road
    Time for a big change:
    Switching to the crunchy style
    of peanut butter.
  51. the nobel prize of snapchat
    She gathers the world,
    not through cuteness or humor,
    but through metasnark.
  52. no lives matter
    We discard human
    lives as easily as we
    pretend otherwise.
  53. hollywood’s sure bets
    Adaptations and
    reboots crowd out the beauty
    of fresh ideas.
  54. bonus spin
    Do you risk it all
    for a chance at happiness
    or spend the day safe?
  55. with no say
    Some voices silenced
    through arcane rules. Others by
    apathetic stance.
  56. spring can’t come soon enough
    Bring on the flowers
    and showers, the breezes and
    sneezes and teases.
  57. freedom of silence
    More citizens should
    exercise their divine right
    to shut the hell up.
  58. the jester’s advantage
    Punchlines can be far
    more persuasive than bullhorns
    in an argument.
  59. the masked infector
    The waiting room is
    crowded with sick people and
    germy oxygen.
  60. boundaries
    Sentiments shared by
    many outweigh the petty
    squabbles that divide.
  61. the astronaut’s homecoming
    After a year in
    space, he just wanted to see
    one sunset per day.
  62. laughter is the worst medicine
    The election and
    the economy and threats
    abroad … Stop! It hurts!
  63. scent of a library
    Worn DVDs and
    pulped tree, with hints of carpet
    cleaner and cobwebs.
  64. run the lines
    Start out strong, over
    the top, then ease into the
    patter. Finish big!
  65. run out the clock
    Sit and twiddle thumbs,
    or try everything in a
    fit of agony.
  66. pocketing darkness
    Father Time grounded
    the night, putting her to bed
    an hour early.
  67. easiest packing ever
    Grab the essentials
    and stuff them in plastic bags
    before departure.
  68. the unsent letter
    She deserves a full
    reply, but the paper stays
    blank for the moment.
  69. caffeine and crank
    The best inspira-
    tion comes from substances both
    legal and not so.
  70. rate everything
    How was the service,
    and the food, and the candles,
    and the parking space?
  71. copying the recipe for success
    We think it’s one small
    thing like salt, when it’s likely
    technique and some luck.
  72. the loudest dog whistle ever
    Coded racism
    has yielded the floor. Overt
    racism is back.
  73. the binge effect
    Couch potatoes mash
    up plots, watching episode
    after episode.
  74. a spectrum too far
    The vision of a
    rainbow blinded him to the
    true colors in sight.
  75. the future of cuisine
    Whatever three things
    we can combine in 60
    seconds to clog hearts.
  76. tiny guitar serenade
    The ukulele
    band plucked away at strings in
    tune and of the heart.
  77. all our ethnic foods are lies
    The American
    version of world cuisine tastes
    like a food court died.
  78. spring break for grownups
    A little extra
    time in the bathroom, more red
    wine before bedtime.
  79. we’re all in sales now
    Buy my new album,
    scarves, jellies, book, self-help course,
    beads and honeymoon.
  80. springtime dichotomy
    Three days of sunny
    bliss, followed by a night of
    arctic disturbance.
  81. born to be reborn
    He who was once dead
    is alive, ascending to
    heavenly reward.
  82. the old lech
    What crimes would he pull
    off, what sour nothings he’d
    hiss for his mistress?
  83. clue after clue, year after year
    Most disasters we
    experience unfold in
    a plodding fashion.
  84. disturbance on the homefront
    The knocking came from
    all sides. Creeps moved in for the
    daytime invasion.
  85. bucket list brigade
    A dog and hamster
    travel the world in search of
    adventure and treats.
  86. outdated perspective
    ˙sn uo sᴉ ǝʞoɾ ǝɥʇ
    ʇno ǝɹnƃᴉɟ ɹǝʌǝu ǝʍ ʇnq
    ‘ǝɔɹɐɟ sᴉ ʎɐp ʎɹǝʌƎ
  87. the oatmeal gesture
    Because he prepared
    it with love, she took a bowl
    for breakfast daily.
  88. spring break 2016
    Beaches without beer,
    bars to refuel and recharge,
    no snaps, no regrets.
  89. no sirens, no flashing lights
    Failure doesn’t bring
    calamity, only calm.
    Peace among shambles.
  90. the magic of cookie dough
    You can see little
    nibble marks in the lump of
    dough for “taste testing.”
  91. capital offense
    Her lips cried, “No, no.”
    As she pulled back, he roared, “But
    I’m the governor!”
  92. this modern world
    He was easily
    bamboozled by strange coffee
    makers and tight knots.
  93. barrel brigade
    Little cars and big
    rigs creep like ants. The pavers
    rebuild their pathways.
  94. the micromanager
    The details matter
    more than the employees or
    customers or soul.
  95. the rules of a meat-and-three
    Order quickly. Mac
    and cheese is a vegetable.
    Get off of your phone.
  96. midway at the science fair
    At one end, splicing
    genes. At the other end, can
    rocks feel emotions?
  97. make alabama great again
    Water fountains for
    every race. Schooling till eighth
    grade. Guns and Bibles.
  98. baseball bonanza
    Parading cars and
    junk food races keep the old
    ballpark at peak fun.
  99. slackergy
    The team left it up
    to group chat, management by
    quips and emoji.
  100. a template for our fears
    Patient zero brings
    horror and end of world for
    brain-dead citizens.
  101. a stroll in the garden
    Take in a light scent
    of blossoms and beginnings,
    of all that is spring.

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