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J.T. on ‘Survivor’: Big men off campus


‘Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains,’ episode 6 recap


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Video: Colby reveals J.T.’s confession to him.

Wade on Birmingham - Survivor Heroes vs. VillainsIt’s a “Survivor” spring clearance! Everyone must go!

Or that’s how it seems: Just as one Tribal Council is over on Night 14, the tribes meet up for a double elimination the next night.

James “J.T.” Thomas Jr. of Mobile seems to be stuck on a dead-end tribe, but can he stick around long enough for the merge?

Who learns banana etiquette? Who’s up for a blindside? Find out, after the jump …

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - James J.T. Thomas Jr.

Knot again: J.T. tackles a familiar obstacle.

It all happens on Day 15: Heck, they might as well put this episode in real time. We see the tribes at the Immunity Challenge, then daylong scheming, then back-to-back Tribal Councils.

Why don’t they just film the whole season in a weekend?

Immunity Challenge: The Villains are shocked to see the Heroes march up with James Clement, bad knee and all, while Tom Westman was voted out the night before.

Contestants race through an obstacle course clipped to a rope. We saw this challenge in J.T.’s season, with Tyson Apostol (of the Villains) eventually winning immunity.

Host Jeff Probst announces that two individual immunities will be awarded, but both tribes will vote off a member at Tribal Council. Twist!

The six Heroes race, and although James makes a good go of it, Candice Woodcock wins immunity.

The nine Villains take their turn, with “Boston Rob” Mariano winning their heat.

In a final challenge, Candice and Boston Rob race for their tribes in a three-level super course. Boston Rob wins, earning the Villains a special Tribal Council deal: dinner (hot dogs) and a show (watching the Heroes’ council debate).

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Rob Mariano, Candice Woodcock

On the ropes: Boston Rob and Candice tangle
on the super obstacle course.

The scheme scene: Among the Heroes, the choice is between James and Colby Donaldson, who appears resigned to go home based on the alliance’s previous votes. James and J.T. hold a foot race along the beach, and J.T. handily beats him running backwards.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - James J.T. Thomas Jr. and James Clement

The amazing race: J.T. races James along the shore.

In addition, James’ ally Amanda Kimmel cautions him that he’s vulnerable, especially because he out-eats his teammates. She even suggests he offer others a banana when he goes to get one (or four) for himself.

James is taken aback.

At the Villains’ camp, Parvati Shallow is worried that she’ll be targeted next. Boston Rob wants to flush out Russell Hantz’s suspected (and actual) hidden immunity idol. He says to cast three votes for Parvati and three for her ally Russell, then send Parvati home if a tie occurs.

Russell tells Tyson that Russell plans to vote Parvati to win favor with the alliance, and Tyson figures it’s a done deal: He can switch his vote to Parvati, skip the tie and send her packing.

Boston Rob and Russell caution each other again to watch out. Hmm …

Voted out: The Villains are up first. Sandra Diaz-Twine says that Russell has the hidden immunity idol. Tyson says it wouldn’t be helpful in a tribe this large.

Jeff announces it’s time for the hidden immunity idol. Russell stands and almost hands it over, but instead gives it to Parvati with dramatic flourish, who then plays it.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Parvati Shallow

Parvati plays the hidden immunity idol.

Parvati receives four votes, but none of them count.

And while Russell picks up two votes, it’s Tyson, the cyclist from Lindon, Utah, who goes home with three votes. Russell’s blindside plan worked! As Tyson admits afterward, “I was the victim of my own stupidity.”

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Tyson Apostol

Sixth out: The Villains evict Tyson 3-2.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - Parvati Shallow

Even Parvati can’t believe it worked.

Video: Tyson’s final words

The remaining Villains move over to the jury box to feast on hot dogs and tears, as the rain starts. The Heroes discuss how James really wants to stay, as does Colby, who meekly admits his performance hasn’t been up to par. Ya think?

The Heroes finally think more than a half step ahead, cutting loose James, the gravedigger from Lafayette, La.

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains - James Clement

Seventh out: The Heroes cast off James 5-1.

Video: James’ final words

Has Boston Rob lost his mojo? Can the five Heroes move forward as one?

[Videos and photos to be added.]

“Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” airs at 7 p.m. Thursdays on on CBS 42.

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