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Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

A gentle breeze lifts
my aching heart to new heights.
Love is in the air.

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Wade's Daily Haiku

eternal summer

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Rising seas, flooded
coasts, ancient viruses, wide-
spread decimation.

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Wade's Daily Haiku

The Birmingham channel: The buzz above

Monday, May 29th, 2017

A look at Birmingham in videos …

Basketball at Parker High School in Smithfield. From Kerrie Brandon Miles.

Discussing why Liberty Park houses sell. From Kerry Grinkmeyer Real Estate Agent.

Drone footage of Wildwood Centre in Homewood. From Bryan Belk.

Bid Day for Zeta Tau Alpha in September at Birmingham-Southern College. From BSC ZTA.

Birmingham blues-folk artist Early James performs at Champy’s Chicken in Alabaster. From Charlie Roche Sr.

Ryan Smith, salesman at Town and Country Ford in Bessemer, on “Dominate Your Day.” From Mark Jennison.

Airbrushing a mural at Jackson-Olin High School in Ensley. From Erica Bryant.

A trip to the Birmingham Zoo, McWane Science Center and Yo Mama’s. From Liz Nguyen.

Alabama country group Sweet Tea Trio performs “Forever Ain’t Long Enough” in February at Legacy Arena downtown. From Josh Corne.

Ruff Ryders Birmingham at the Montgomery Motor Speedway (our vertical video of the week). From Chris McCandles.

The documentary “1963: The Year That Changed Everything,” on the civil rights movement in Birmingham. From John Jenkins.

Southwest plane landing at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. From the Airplane Channel.

Norfolk, Va., garage rock duo Dex and Crash perform “Crazy Woman” and “Is That You in the Blue?” earlier this month at Zydeco on Southside. From Analog on Third.

Commercial for Teacher’s Pet Parent Teacher Store in Greystone. From Video Visions.

The Velocity Accelerator program’s Demo Day graduation earlier this month at Covalence downtown. From Covalence.

Brian Wilson performs “Love and Mercy” earlier this month at the BJCC Concert Hall (our other vertical video of the week). From Grayson Garrett.

Drone footage of Railroad Park downtown. From Ken Heron.

Virtual reality footage of Birmingham blues group the Drennen Brothers performing in January at the National MS Society’s annual fund-raiser BourbonHam at Old Car Heaven on Southside. From Mink VR Tech.

The Mad Hatter Dance Company performs in April at the Magic City Art Connection in Linn Park downtown. From Amber Faye.

February sunset in Bluff Park. From Jerry W. Henry.

Dr. Sarah Sawyer discusses skin tightening procedures at Dermatology and Laser of Alabama in Mountain Brook. From Dr. Sarah Sawyer.

Dr. Curtis Rozzelle on options for Chiari malformation patients at Children’s of Alabama. From CSF: Chiari and Syringomyelia Foundation.

Two-steppin’ at a Candelaria party. From Mercedes Mateo.

Birmingham catcher Alfredo Gonzalez homers off of Jackson’s Alex Young in April at the Ballpark at Jackson (Tenn.). From Minor League Baseball.

Barons’ first baseman Keon Barnum hits his sixth homer of the season earlier this month against Montgomery at Riverwalk Stadium. From Minor League Baseball.

Skateboarding at Railroad Park downtown. From Ruie Brooks.

Paul Woodard, an elder at Woodland Park Church of Christ, speaks at the 4th annual Marriage Seminar at Gadsden’s Henry Street Church of Christ. From Jesus Is Lord.

Highlights from the 1998 Iron Bowl, the last one played at Legion Field. From Bama Rewind.

The young adult choir performs “Don’t Cry” at Ephesus Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Smithfield. From Be Encouraged.

A Western Dressage test at the Birmingham Dressage and Combined Training Association show in March at Inanda Stables in Shoal Creek. From Peggy Verdonck-Riley.

Riding the elevator at the Sheraton Birmingham downtown. From Elevatorman247 Productions.

Singer-rapper Akon performs at the 2010 Schaeffer Crawfish Boil near the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex downtown. From Terri Davis.

Huny Marie on the runway. From Fred.

Hoover folk-pop singer-songwriter Michael Warren performs “Addicted” at WorkPlay in Lakeview. From Joey Goodsell.

Birmingham Boys Choir performs “What a Morning!” at the 4th Annual Collaborative Arts Series in January at Southside Baptist Church in Five Points South. From Birmingham Boys Choir.

Titusville celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day. From Common Thread.

A look at the Center Point Comprehensive Plan. From See It Productions.

Promo for Vestavia Hills’ Ascend Web Strategy. From Ascend Web Strategy.

San Francisco-based nonprofit organization Sidewalk Talk visits Railroad Park in April to listen to passersby. From al.com.

UAB’s DeeDee Barnes Bruns on encouraging high schoolers. From KnowledgeWorks.

A virtual landing in Birmingham on “Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004.” From Benzhangar.

Highlight reel for Huffman junior defensive tackle Allen Love. From Under the Lights.

The Economist examines Birmingham children’s roles in the civil rights movement. From the Economist.

Mike and Chelsea Sullivan of Birmingham talk about adopting Evelina with the help of adoption agency Sacred Selections. From Craig Dehut.

Let the celebration of awkward dancing and clapping begin (our other other vertical video of the week). From Kritta10.

Russell Alexander II and Seth Burgess in a scene from Theatre UAB’s “Othello” (our other other other vertical video of the week). From Russell Alexander II.

Talking with salesperson Mark Elliott at Royal Automotive in Vestavia Hills. From Royal Automotive.

February snow flurries in Vestavia Hills (our other other other other vertical video of the week). From Npbgirl.

Teams from Oak Mountain Middle School and Fulbright Junior High School of Bentonville, Ark., compete in a robotics qualifiers match at Vex Worlds in April in Louisville. From Cut to the Bot Videos.

Birmingham artist Itse paints a mural at Boost Mobile in Wahouma. From Boost Mobile.

Filmmaker Spike Lee and journalist Howell Raines examine the documentary, “4 Little Girls” about the 1963 bombing of a Baptist church in Alabama and the re-opening of the case, with Charlie Rose in 1997. From John Baxter.

The Mime Team performs to “God is Able” at East Birmingham Church of God in Christ in Woodlawn. From Deborah Lyons.

Behind the scenes of Nashville rapper Heat Boy Kie-Lo’s March performance at Platinum of Birmingham downtown. From Heat Boy Kielo.

Pelham native Brent Hinds of Mastadon proposes to Raísa Moreno during a show in April at Iron City on Southside. From Vaughn Blaylock.

Helmet cam footage from Over the Edge, a fund-raiser for the Tanner Foundation for Neurological Diseases. Community leader Tim Alexander rappels earlier this month down the side of One Federal Place downtown. From Jason Simpson.

Nick de Castro’s senior recital earlier this month at Birmingham-Southern College. From Nickd457.

Landing in Birmingham, with visible airstream behind the wing. From Philip Kramer.

Dining at Roly Poly downtown. From Lorenzo March.

Trumpeter Lin Roundtree performs earlier this month at Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa in Hoover as part of the Jazz in the Park concert series. From Ron P.

UAB student Charles Coleman takes part in the series, “Stand as One Alabama.” From UAB Media Studies.

Birmingham band Ray Reach and Company with Pericles Emmanuel perform “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” at Kirkwood by the River assisted living facility. From Pericles Emmanuel.

President Clinton campaigns in 1996 at Birmingham-Southern College. From Clinton Library 42.

Making an ADDY award. From AAF Birmingham.

Hanging out at April’s IndyCar race at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds. From Bama Mopar.

Montgomery rapper Saks Fif performs at Magnolia House on Southside. From Ingenuity Music Group.

Time-lapse footage of driving north from downtown on I-65. From Bill Watters.

Time-lapse footage of Bytes and Bites 2017 Technology Solution Summit in April at TekLinks in Homewood. From TekLinks.

Music video for “Flexin” by Birmingham native and rapper Sol Lacore. From Sol Lacore.

A fight (our other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Devon Johnson.

Nashville rock artist Webb Wilder performs “Tough It Out” at WorkPlay in Avondale. From Joey Goodsell.

Driving to Grandview Medical Center. From Real Karma.

Bee hive in the ceiling. From Rid-a-Critter Inc.

Promo for Ensley Entertainment District. From Eventful Media Group.

Phoenix Youth Symphony performs “Birmingham 1963” in April. From Tsai-Ping Chung.

Time-lapse video of walking around the UAB campus and Southside. From Theimscifi75.

Alice Cooper performs Cold Ethyl earlier this month at the Alabama Theatre downtown. From Treser62.

Fred Obare performs “Glory” in April at Laborers in Christ Ministry in Homewood. From Fred Obare 1.

Birmingham band Nowhere Squares performs earlier this month at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Jay Dexter.

Iron Tribe holds fund-raiser Workout for Water earlier this month at Avondale Brewing Company, raising $450,000. From Neverthirst.

Promo video for Holy Family Cristo Rey Catholic High School in Ensley. From Holy Family Cristo Rey.

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The Birmingham channel

Happy Memorial Day

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Video: Preserving veterans’ stories

Happy Memorial Day!

In this video, Tom Gibbs of the National WWII Museum in New Orleans discusses the importance of capturing the oral history of World War II veterans, dying at a rate of approximately 492 a day.

canning fodder

Monday, May 29th, 2017

The fight for freedom
never ends. Must we always
send them in harm’s way?

• • •

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Wade's Daily Haiku

#sundayread for May 28, 2017

Sunday, May 28th, 2017
reading window

Photo: Ryan Dickey (CC)

My picks for #sundayread for May 28, 2017:

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kiss track

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

When artists feud, let
them make up with lip-locks set
to a funky beat.

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Wade's Daily Haiku

a trip to the beach

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

Find the perfect spot
for catching rays, reading trash,
making sand castles.

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Wade's Daily Haiku

garden buffet

Friday, May 26th, 2017

The leaves have little
bite marks where wild visitors
stop for healthy snacks.

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Wade's Daily Haiku

Wade’s 101: Haiku retrospective 42

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

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  1. a surplus of mush
    No import tax on
    love. Bring in all we can to
    mend those broken hearts.
  2. the midnight tweet of paul revere
    He shouted online,
    “The Russians are coming! The
    Russians are coming!”
  3. a scratching at the screen door
    Not just any poor
    stray could fill the cat-sized hole
    in her battered heart.
  4. arson as a national policy
    Everything is on
    fire, and the rescue crew
    brings their gasoline.
  5. as the campfire crackles
    A bevy of tales
    about haunted cabins and
    assorted Yeti.
  6. faith in everything and nothing
    America, where
    you can believe any damn
    manner of nonsense.
  7. coffee summit
    Sure, a pastry and
    a pause before driving in.
    But first: Let’s caffeine.
  8. after the drought
    Drop by drop, the lake
    refilled, bringing much needed
    mud and soggy dirt.
  9. what comes next
    Post-science, post-fact,
    post-truth, post-irony and
  10. for you and you alone
    You will persevere.
    The trillions (who won’t read this)
    do not stand a chance.
  11. on high alert
    Nerves worn and yet still
    working, every input a
    threat. Sheer exhaustion.
  12. demending the constitution
    Seven amendments
    are on hold: first, fourth, fifth, sixth,
    seventh, eighth and ninth.
  13. best pictures
    Actress dates jazz fiend.
    Boyhood, teenhood, then manhood.
    Black female eggheads.
  14. mistakes were made
    Sometimes, you just need
    to grab an envelope and
    hope it’s the right one.
  15. the mystery of flight
    Knowing how airplanes
    work, I’d rather stay planted
    on terra firma.
  16. care less
    You should care about
    this issue and not that one,
    since care is finite.
  17. naked mouth bones
    The camera doesn’t
    lie: Cuspids and molars need
    patching and prodding.
  18. she knows what’s what
    Respect the words of
    Daria Morgendorffer,
    wise beyond her years.
  19. in the bleak mild winter
    Spring will be so hot.
    And summer will be hotter.
    And fall … a meltdown.
  20. a book that you can put down
    The protagonist
    needs a better romance and
    a nicer townhouse.
  21. things are looking not down
    No job, no food, no
    house and no prospects. At least
    we have our … dammit.
  22. buddha once said
    The surest path to
    enlightenment can be found
    in my new podcast.
  23. overlooking the rhyme scheme
    She didn’t care for
    flowery verses but still
    married the poet.
  24. the princess
    Her reign is noted
    not so much for her royal
    bearing but whining.
  25. sunnydale, 20 years later
    Buffy Anne Summers.
    Beloved sister, friend. She
    saved the world. A lot.
  26. hands-free chronology
    Amputated clocks
    tell time on demand or show
    their floating digits.
  27. homegrown hate
    We overlook the
    face of terrorism when
    it resembles ours.
  28. uninquiring minds
    Check yourself. I am
    not here to reinforce your
    selfish narrative.
  29. binary watchdogs
    Every device a
    spy, every lens a snitch, all
    in the name of peace.
  30. snow where land
    The snow flurries seem
    more magical when falling
    far away from here.
  31. preening to death
    He gazed at himself,
    too busy for the lost art
    of humility.
  32. the citizen kane of animated film
    Man finds singing frog
    but lacks business plan. Puts him
    back in cornerstone.
  33. the truth about cats and dogs
    Bulldog finds kitten,
    fosters her while suspecting
    human makes cookies.
  34. wagner writ looney
    Rabbit on fat horse
    outwits Viking wielding spear
    and magic helmet.
  35. blue notes
    The air is heavy
    and my limbs are heavy and
    I can’t get started.
  36. you click, they deliver
    Army of drivers
    arrives with groceries, dry
    cleaning and diapers.
  37. comfort food questionnaire
    Crunchy or smooth pea-
    nut butter? Strawberry or
    grape jelly? Toasted?
  38. the round earth society
    Despite all of the
    evidence, some place their faith
    in a world made flat.
  39. if elation lasts more than 4 hours
    Laughing at oneself?
    Pre-existing condition,
    high deductible.
  40. rock on comedy
    The high point of a
    great routine is the silent
  41. natural invasion
    The rainfall outside
    echoes the lone ceiling drip
    inside plop for plop.
  42. spring has arrived
    Across the city
    came the good news in barks and
    chirps and shouts and sighs.
  43. the perfect bracket
    Strength of schedule plus
    hot streaks, seeding, some luck and
    a touch of madness.
  44. the rationale
    The plan is to do
    whatever I feel at the
    ongoing moment.
  45. everything’s coming up russian
    You’ll be rich. You’ll be
    strong. Gonna have Putin rule
    for so long. Da! Da!
  46. distress signal
    A candle, barely
    aflame with a wisp of smoke
    and unsteady wick.
  47. may third fool’s day
    Real pranksters wouldn’t
    pick the most obvious day
    to unleash mayhem.
  48. negging the magic city
    Pretty cool statue,
    what’s with the ass worship and
    the misshapen leg?
  49. the online world of hucksterism
    Read the wonderful
    free financial, medical
    and legal advice.
  50. surviving the late 2010s
    Comfort food, comfort
    television, therapy
    dog, fuzzy bathrobe.
  51. to sleep, perchance to rest
    The clock, a silent
    sentinel, marks the hours
    till dawn’s weary light.
  52. pain points
    The pill makes it all
    go away, the suffering,
    aches and family.
  53. self-devaluation
    Are we able to
    cast as critical an eye
    at us as others?
  54. smells like villainy
    When will the outright
    snatching of infants’ noses
    be stopped in its tracks?
  55. arthouse anguish
    so depressing, I’m in tears
    from the beginning.
  56. the next step is always the hardest
    We can hold fast, or
    shuffle off to the side, or
    soberly mark time.
  57. the love song of r. julian bentley
    I put my hands on
    your breasts and just pull you real
    close. I love that, too.
  58. a new day, a new leader
    In Alabama,
    we shed corrupt officials
    to bring in worse ones.
  59. all’s well in trumpland
    Our leader is smart
    and strong. We’re thriving and free.
    All’s well in Trumpland.
  60. no fate but what we make
    The pen is in our
    hand. For us, the next chapter
    is to be written.
  61. meditation instruction
    Sit, knees below waist.
    Breathe in, eyes open, breathe out.
    Repeat until wise.
  62. bunny was here
    Scampering offspring
    search high and low for brightly
    painted orbs of hens.
  63. the baker has gone home
    Racks, once brimming with
    golden confections, offer
    nothing more than crumbs.
  64. the unseen forces of nature
    The wind that powers
    the boat also fuels fire
    and kicks up downpours.
  65. canine-one-one
    A dog from the streets
    teams up with prisoner to
    help disabled man.
  66. the promise of live video
    The chance to see our
    selves as the despicable
    animals we are.
  67. beyond calculus
    Mom has to perform
    complex equations to make
    ends meet just barely.
  68. all’s well in dixieland
    Our governance is
    spotless. We feast like kings. All’s
    well in Dixieland.
  69. soldiers in lab coats
    The people cried out:
    “We don’t want to know the truth!”
    Science marches on.
  70. augmented inebriation
    I want a headset
    that shows virtual arrows
    to the nearest bar.
  71. periodic fable
    They can have science
    when they pry it from my cold
    dead robotic hands.
  72. the joke’s on us
    When reality
    is stranger than fiction, laugh
    at the sane and meek.
  73. happy happy joy joy
    The key is to seek
    joy and purpose with each step.
    Or drink heavily.
  74. one day at a time
    She stared at the wine
    bottle. Sighed. Folded her hands.
    Stared at it and prayed.
  75. global broiling
    If you can’t stand the
    heat, get out of the kitchen
    known as Planet Earth.
  76. too much happy
    A day so packed with
    activities you almost
    forget to (gasp!) breathe.
  77. before the battery dies
    Return texts, check the
    game score, take one more selfie
    and call in sick to
  78. talk o’ tuesday
    Celebrate with a
    hard shell and a soft shell and
    mucho, mucho cheese.
  79. crushing dissent
    Round up the trouble-
    makers. Run them over, or
    fire the tear gas.
  80. a recipe for pound cake
    A pound of sugar,
    flour, eggs and butter, mixed,
    baked, cooled and eaten.
  81. premium deluxe
    The only good health
    insurance plan is to be
    born super wealthy.
  82. the real world awaits
    Gowns tossed aside, caps
    flung in joy, time to get to
    work and pay off loans.
  83. a baser muse
    Inspiration comes
    in the form of hungry kids
    and overdue bills.
  84. the icing remained silent
    From the break room, the
    lone cupcake cried, “Won’t someone
    fill their void with me?”
  85. artificial enchantment
    Are spambots really
    that bad if they’re livelier
    than most real people?
  86. where there’s smoke
    The guilty party
    must protest his innocence
    loudly and often.
  87. always on
    The performer seeks
    a spotlight, the chance to shine
    brighter than his peers.
  88. the art of bart
    I didn’t do it,
    no one saw me do it, you
    can’t prove anything!
  89. the allure of the screen
    The brightness of the
    vision matches the brightness
    of that teen’s phone screen.
  90. ticking clock syndrome
    Getting it done, though
    our hours are better spent
    away from deadlines.
  91. ego jiu-jitsu
    Laugh at yourself and
    join the crowd. Self-mockery
    is unmatchable.
  92. zip car
    Impatient driver
    swerves around snails and turtles
    to save a minute.
  93. mash texts
    u r soo adorbs
    no u r sooo totes adorbs
    x o x o x
  94. embroiled
    A corruption so
    deep even the crooks hold their
    noses in disgust.
  95. a visit from the depression fairy
    She comes at bedtime,
    seated comfortably on
    my tightening chest.
  96. we don’t deserve dogs
    Happy wagging tails
    attached to slobber machines
    of joy and friendship.
  97. clink the glasses
    Share words of welcome,
    of hopes and of good tidings
    and clink the glasses.
  98. the cap and gown crowd
    They shed their new robes
    to spread their wings. Ready to
    soar without guidance.
  99. the stranger wearing the gold medal
    She won the race in
    sandals, driven by beer, smart
    running and pure will.
  100. four photos
    First, intrigued. Second,
    smitten. Third, curiouser.
    Fourth, head over heels.
  101. driverless bumper cars
    They smack into each
    other with maximum force
    while kids play on phones.

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Wade's Daily Haiku | Photo: Steve Johnson (CC) http://bit.ly/23DJ3yF

four photos

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

First, intrigued. Second,
smitten. Third, curiouser.
Fourth, head over heels.

• • •

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Wade's Daily Haiku

the stranger wearing the gold medal

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

She won the race in
sandals, driven by beer, smart
running and pure will.

• • •

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Wade's Daily Haiku

The Birmingham channel: Fidget winners

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

A look at Birmingham in videos …

Opening from the Comedy Central show “Hart of the City” visiting Birmingham. From Timothy Daniel.

At the Birmingham Botanical Gardens’ Spring Plant Sale in April. From Alabama NewsCenter.

A proposal at the Railroad Park ice rink. From Lance Piri.

Ashley Sankey performs “Into You” in April at the Ensley Entertainment Live Loft (our vertical video of the week). From Ashley Sankey.

The VH1 Save the Music Foundation visits the fifth grade band at Robinson Elementary in South East Lake. The nonprofit organization helped start the group in 2009, coming back in February to check in. From VH1 Save the Music.

Bringing church to Linn Park downtown. From Torrence Sims.

Basketball phenom in the making (our other vertical video of the week). From Ural Mitchell.

Singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile performs in April at the Lyric Theatre downtown. From Russell Simmons.

Atlanta’s DJ Roger in April at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Majik City Myke B.

Listening to Christian station WGIB (91.9 FM) in Glen Iris. From Local and DX Radio.

Stunts at February’s Victory Athletics cheerleading competition at Legacy Arena downtown. From Victory Athletics Spirit.

Columbus, Ohio, rock band Starset performs “Satellite” before showtime in May at WorkPlay in Lakeview. From DTenacity.

Drone footage of Thomas Jefferson Tower’s zeppelin mooring mast downtown. From Steve Dunlap.

A performance at Moonlight in the Mountain in Hoover. From Wonky Tonk.

Fantasia performs in March at Legacy Arena downtown (our other other vertical video of the week). From Dennis Slaughter.

Driving around UAB, Southside and downtown. From DixieLand Visual Creations.

Shooting photos for prom downtown. From Stanley Parrish Jr.

Promo for Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Highland Park. From DentalCMO.

Testimonial for Environmental Litigation Group in Five Points South. From Environmental Litigation Group P.C.

And a commercial in Spanish. From Environmental Litigation Group PC.

The action from Disc Golf Birmingham Spring League in March at George Ward Park in Glen Iris. From Disc Golf Vlog.

PSA for Black History Month on the four girls killed in the 1963 bombing of Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. From WDCW News.

Gov. Bentley speaks at the 2017 PARCA luncheon in January at the Wynfrey Hotel in Hoover. From Robert Bentley.

A trip to Funk Fest earlier this month at Legion Field. From Jess Doing It.

Hoover Realtor Carrie Richardson on pre-qualifying for a mortgage. From Carrie Richardson.

A dance of praise (our other other other vertical video of the week). From Phylese Fields.

Reading and discussing Martin Luther King Jr.’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail.” From Joseph Shelton Hall.

Promo for Southlake Orthopaedics in Hoover. From Starnes Publishing.

Part one of WIAT-42’s special report, “Local War on Cancer.” From WIAT-42.

ACE of Birmingham Chickasaws compete in January’s Big Bid Championship at the BJCC East Exhibition Hall. From Krystale Lanier.

Promo for the Alabama Residential Conference and Expo, held earlier this month at the Club. From Alabama Center for Real Estate.

Taking off from Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport. From Airlinepilot13.

Another takeoff (our other other other other vertical video of the week). From Carlos Melendez.

And a landing. From Unique Documentary.

Scenes from across the city. From Lorenzo March.

Demo reel for production coordinator Cole Conci. From Cole Conci.

The story of Zaidan, his congenital heart defect and the American Heart Association; plus, the Birmingham Heart Walk on June 24 at Uptown. From Danielle Deavours.

A look at Slice in Lakeview. From the Holtlt.

Leaving town on Amtrak. From Jimwoodward1212.

WIAT-42 talks with my pal Karim Shamsi-Basha in January about his family in Syria and pending travel restrictions. From WIAT-42.

A look at UAB’s new Women’s Heart Health Clinic. From UAB News.

Relaxing at the hotel (our other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Aisleona Polk.

Train in Alabaster. From Free Brick Productions.

Security camera footage of a shooting earlier this month at the M&N convenience store in Germania Park. Birmingham Police arrested Brandon Torrey and charged him with attempted murder, shooting into an occupied building and firearm charges. (Our other other other other other other other vertical video of the week.) From al.com.

Drone footage of Regions Field and the City Federal building downtown. From Drew Taylor Top Birmingham Realtor.

Jonathan Mednick of Birmingham’s REITrader.com on the local real estate market. From Alabama Real Estate Investor Association.

Singer-songwriter Lauryn Hill performs “Killing Me Softly” in April at Iron City on Southside (our other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Julie-Anne D.

Riding the elevator at the BJCC 22nd Street parking deck downtown. From Elevatorman247 Productions.

Fairfield’s Stephanie Hardy performs “God Provides” in April at the Magic City Rising Stars talent show at Boutwell Auditorium downtown. From Stephanie Hardy.

Homewood rock band Lasting Impressions performs at the Nick on Southside. From Brian Hardie.

Dancing at the rodeo (our other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Super Rige.

Let’s Play session from Edgewater YouTube gamer KanameX12 on “Resident Evil 5.” From KanameX12.

Exploring Moss Rock Preserve in Hoover. From Caleb Person.

Birmingham rapper Q Dot Davis performs “They Thirsty” in Five Points South. From Q Dot Davis.

The 2006 SWAC Football Championship at Legion Field, featuring Alabama A&M vs. Arkansas–Pine Bluff. From Alex Hines.

Highlights from the 1961 Iron Bowl at Legion Field, featured on “The Bear Bryant Show.” From Bama Rewind.

Japanese pop-punk band Shonen Knife performs in May at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From Jjshowzz Hoover.

Birmingham pop-rock band the Primitons perform at the 1985 grand opening of Wuxtry record store downtown. From Clairvoyant Pizza.

Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan on WBHJ (95.7 FM Jamz). (Our other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week.) From Watch Me TV Watch Me.

Animation sample from Prodigi Studio downtown. From Caresse Haaser.

Drone footage of Cathedral of St. Paul downtown. From Tim McGhee.

The 2008 Mercedes Marathon. From Outlaw Films.

Carey Fountain and Kakashii perform in February at the Syndicate Lounge on Southside. From DoReMe Movement.

April feature on Birmingham Pedal Tours. From WVTM-13 News.

Madisonville, Tenn., Americana singer EmiSunshine performs “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in April at Moonlight on the Mountain in Hoover. From James Young.

Amtrak train passing through Irondale (our other other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Darius Williams.

Reviewing Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea. From Owens Dill.

Commercial for the Birmingham Hammers. From Burton Advertising.

Wilkes-Barre rock band Breaking Benjamin performs “Evil Angel” in May at Iron City on Southside (our other other other other other other other other other other other vertical video of the week). From Stephanie Amber.

Preaching in April in Five Points South. From Walkabout Jesus.

Hiking Ruffner Mountain on Earth Day. From Katelyn Boisvert.

French heavy metal band Gojira performs “L’Enfant Sauvage” in May at Iron City on Southside. From Phos4us Redeemer.

Horror movie “Remember Me,” filmed in Birmingham. From Hunter Grantland.

Scenes from April’s March for Science downtown. From Birmingham March for Science.

Dothan’s Northview vs. Huffman in the 1985 6A state high school football championship game at Legion Field. From Lee Kalamazoo.

NerdsVillage at April’s Sports and Entertainment Industry Symposium at the Alabama Workforce Training Center on Southside. From Tahiera Monique Brown.

The backstretch during April IndyCar race at Barber Motorsports Park in Leeds. From Ryan Watson.

Drone footage of Greystone Golf and Country Club in Hoover promoting last weekend’s Regions Tradition. From Regions Bank.

April thunderstorm warning for the Birmingham area. From AL Storm Alert.

Men of Praise perform at Mt. Zion Community Church in Evergreen (our final vertical video of the week). From Psychiatry22.

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the cap and gown crowd

Monday, May 22nd, 2017

They shed their new robes
to spread their wings. Ready to
soar without guidance.

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#sundayread for May 21, 2017

Sunday, May 21st, 2017
book and doughnuts

Photo: Bruno (CC)

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